Dear Members of the Nigeria-Canada Association of British Columbia and the Nigerian Community in Canada at large,

We are officially announcing that there will be a passport intervention exercise in September 2023 to assist Nigerians in Canada and environs with renewing their passports or getting new passports for their children born outside of Nigeria.


Passport Intervention Exercise Details:
Date: First week of September 2023
Time: 9am to 5pm the entire duration (10 days) you will be informed of the date and time you should show up for data capturing based on calendar booking made for you/your family)
Location: Location to be determined


1. Please fill out the Google Form to indicate your interest in renewing your passport here: https://forms.gle/y7Xtpmei3K18Nu4N9
2. Indicate in the form if you have your NIN information (this is important for your passport renewal) Please ensure that your NIN information is accurate and up-to-date
3. If you do not have a NIN, please indicate your preferred location you to register for your NIN. We will provide you with information and next steps for getting a NIN before the passport intervention team arrives. Details of the NIN exercise will be sent to you once details are determined.

Your cooperation with the above will greatly expedite the passport processing procedure. Accurate NIN information is imperative for a smooth and efficient process.

If you encounter any issues while filling out the form or have any questions related to the Passport Intervention Exercise, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling, texting or WhatsApp messaging:
236 880 7734
604-374 4814 and
604 773 2911

Please treat this as urgent and fill out this information quickly so we can organize the NIN Exercise and Passport Intervention Exercise as seamlessly as possible. We need to process the NIN in time for your information to show up on the database which the passport intervention team will use to process your passport.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We appreciate your active participation and cooperation in ensuring that the passport renewal process is a success.

Best regards,

Amina Zamani
General Secretary
Nigeria-Canada Association of British Columbia

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