Grand Gala Night Celebrates Unity and Achievement: A Fusion of Nigerian and Canadian Cultures

British Columbia, 23rd December, 2023 – The night came alive in a burst of colors and festivities as the Nigerian Canadian Association of British Columbia (NCABC) hosted its much-anticipated Grand Gala Night at Bonsor Community Centre, Banquet Hall 6550 Bonsor Ave, Burnaby, BC VSH 3G4. The event showcased a rich cultural blend, bringing together the vibrant traditions of Nigeria and the diversity of Canada.

The evening commenced with a glamorous red-carpet reception, setting the stage for an unforgettable night. The distinguished guests were welcomed and guided through an enchanting evening filled with entertainment, recognition, and celebration.

The Reverend Paul Ndukwe opened the event with a solemn and uplifting prayer, setting the tone for the night’s festivities. The venue resonated with patriotic pride as the Nigerian and Canadian national anthems echoed, symbolizing the unity and diversity of the two nations.

The highlight of the night was the President’s speech, where Mr. Mike Iwerima addressed the audience, highlighting the achievements and milestones of the association. A moment of prestige followed as outstanding individuals were presented with awards in recognition of their contributions to the community.

The cultural extravaganza continued with a mesmerizing performance by the NCABC and African Stages Children, showcasing the rich tapestry of traditions and talents within the community.

As guests indulged in a sumptuous dinner, the God’s Elects Musical Group took center stage, serenading the audience with soulful melodies. The dance floor came alive during the DJ’s musical interlude, with attendees showcasing their dance moves in joyful celebration.

The excitement reached its peak during the raffle draws, with lucky winners walking away with fantastic prizes. The “So You Think You Can Dance” competition added an element of friendly competition, as participants showcased their dance prowess, bringing laughter and cheers from the audience.

The event also provided an opportunity for sponsors and supporters to express their gratitude and share words of encouragement. The Vice President delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks, acknowledging the collective efforts that made the night a resounding success.

The night culminated in an energetic dance party, uniting everyone in a spirit of joy and camaraderie.

The Grand Gala Night by NCABC was not just an event; it was a celebration of cultural diversity, community spirit, and shared accomplishments, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attended.

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