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Soye Brown

Soye Brown is a litigator who has had the privilege of practicing law across 2 oceans, 3 continents and 4 commonwealth jurisdictions: Nigeria, Botswana, the Mashall Islands (and American jurisdiction where he was Chief Prosecutor and Acting Attorney General) and Canada. Long before being elected to the Executive Committee of NCABC, he was a go-to person for many Nigerians in need for free legal services and he ceaselessly strived to ensure the growth and strength of the Nigerian community in BC.

In Nigeria, Soye was chairman of the Bauchi State branch of the Nigerian Bar Association for 3 years, during which period he was also a member of the National Executive Committee of the NBA. Presently, he volunteers for Nightshift Ministries – a charity that caters to the feeding and clothing of the homeless in Surrey. He also volunteers for his local church. When he is not busy with work or with NCABC’s daily calls or with other volunteer activities, Soye is at home watching nature on TV, listening to assorted music, reading a novel, gardening, or travelling to see the world.

Soye is married to his heartthrob, Jafiia. His last child graduated from university 3 years ago. She and her 3 older, graduate siblings, all live and work in BC.

Phone: 6046559339