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Youths and Cultural Secretary

Adaeze Oputa-Anu

As a non-profit executive, I am passionate about community development and the advancement of Nigerians in British Columbia. In the few months I have worked with the organization, I have had the opportunity to evaluate our situation and the reality is that very few Nigerians are active participants of the organization.

As Nigerians in the Diaspora we have a duty to ourselves to develop our community by growing the Association and incentivizing participation with the creation of impactful programs, meaningful community partnerships and a lot of passionate people willing to volunteer their time. I see this position as an opportunity to offer my services to the association in an effort to impact our community.


Encourage participation within the organization by creating meaningful programs
Build partnerships in the greater BC community that will boost the profile of the Association and provide access to opportunities

Begin fundraising initiatives that will support NCABC programs


Professionally, I have worked the last 8 years as a non-profit professional. My competencies are in project management, program development and fundraising. I have had the privilege to create programs that impacted youth in Nigeria during my tenure at Junior Achievement Nigeria. More recently, I was part of a team that developed a free employment support program for equity seeking groups. The program currently boasts of over 100 participants.

I also volunteer my time as a program developer for Black Women Connect Vancouver and Thrive for Blacks Community Services. In both organizations I have planned and executed/ will be executing youth programs.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business with a focus on Marketing, a master’s in business administration, in addition to this, I am a trained Nonviolent Crisis Interventionist.

I am passionate about nation building and I believe that the foundations of ‘nationhood’ will only be created when there is genuine participation arising from members of our community towards our own development.