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The Nigeria – Canada Association of British Columbia (NCABC), is a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of culture and the undertaking of philanthropic activities to benefit new immigrants in Canada. We also provide a platform for the healthy exchange of ideas that foster healthy cross-cultural relationships among all Canadians, irrespective of ethnic background, social status, and religious affiliation.

The objectives of the Association include:

  • To provide a forum for Nigerian and Canadian residents of BC where they can interact and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria and those of various ethnicities in BC.
  • To provide philanthropic services to the communities within the Greater Vancouver area that will include helping with the settlement of new immigrants to Canada, feeding and clothing the needy, and providing free enlightenment programs to improve every aspect of the life of BC residents.


We will tax ourselves and explore collaborative partnership with willing and like-minded corporate and biological persons to raise the needed resources to accomplish our objectives.


Our mission is to ensure that all BC residents mutually appreciate and celebrate the distinct cultural heritage of their neighbour and that no poor resident is left behind in the enjoyment of basic necessities of life in BC.



Soye Brown - LL.B (Hons), BL

Member of the Law Society of British Columbia.

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Vice President
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General Secretary
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Assistant General Secretary
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Management team

Financial Secretary

Wale Bolaji

Wale has 20 years management experience in senior financial services and accounting

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Onyedikachi Chioma Okoro

She is in charge of all our money.

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Youths and Cultural Secretary

Sunny Chukwuemeka Chigbu

As a non-profit executive, He is passionate about community development and the advancement of Nigerians in British Columbia.

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Social and Welfare Secretary
Public Relations Officer

Mike Iwerima

Mike Iwerima is an accomplished Public Relation and Administrative professional with over

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